Daniel Brierton

Software Engineer at Ericsson. Live and breathe web development and dabble in mobile development.

Athlone I.T. Android App

The Athlone I.T. app was developed solely by me for my final year college project. I investigated performance differences between writing the app using HTML5, or native Android. Ultimately, poor HTML5 performance on low-end devices pushed towards native Android. This gave me an opportunity to further my knowledge in Android development, and explore new APIs and frameworks I had not yet utilised.

The app features a map, written using the Canvas API, a contact list including search, backed with an SQLite database, and a timetable viewer, which utilises the ability for Android apps to inject JavaScript objects into web pages and bind functions back to the native Java code.

The app has since been removed from the Play Store, but I intend on publishing an updated version soon.

Download Write Up (PDF)


TwoStep is my first (and currently only) foray into Firefox OS development. It's a simple Time-based One Time Password generator for use with sites such as Google, GitHub and Dropbox. I used the Firefox OS Building Blocks to ensure a native feel to operating system. Behind the scenes, it uses RequireJS, Backbone.js and jQuery. It is not currently available on the Firefox Marketplace, however the source is available on GitHub.

Currently supported features:

  • Time-based One Time Passwords.

Not supported:

  • Counter-based One Time Passwords.
  • Adding of one time passwords via QR Code.

View TwoStep on GitHub


Landscape is a customisable, extensible dashboard written in Node.js. It's still in it's early stages, with only a simple Jenkins job status dashlet included in the main project and no documentation on creating your own dashlets.

The end goal for Landscape is to be a dashboard fit for any task, from displaying project stats on a TV in an office, to displaying interactive home automation controls on a touchscreen in your living room. It will allow other developers to easily create their own dashlets using familiar libraries, such as jQuery and RequireJS on the client-side, and Express on the server-side.

View Landscape on GitHub